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Rhino3d for Architecture

This book provide readers with specialized use of rhino in architecture design, not product design or jewerly design. With proper mdoeling logics, variety of tips and guides, this book can help reader realize their design in virtual 3d space.

On the book, starting from basic geometry concepts, such as points, line, and curve, advancing to concepts of surface and three dimensional geometry, novice can be easily understand the principles of rhino in architecture.

Furthermore, V-ray and Grashopper are introduced to show elementary and rudimentary use of them in architecture, understanding their operation and principles.

You can download examples used in the book on the below links

Example Files

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The proposed highrise building, Skydium, literally means hybrid concepts between sky space in highrise and stadium space. However ...

another work


The Rhino3d Workshop 2014 in E-In Architects and Engineerings. Rhino3d, Vray, and Grasshopper. The participants are architects but they were the basic user or novice user on Rhino3d.