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Massigner is a kind of a prototype of Grasshopper Plug-in, searching an optimized volume responding to given context. The result of this software is a mass within the boundary. But this mass cannot be the result of the design. It is a starting point of design. The mass produced by the building codes and void options are available to suggest a designer which volume is proper, economical, and efficient. However, architectural projects are enough complex to consider various values and contexts. In extreme cases, this program just provides variations and decreases repetitive process. Also, it is based on conventional frames of design process which will not be changed vastly. Thus, users need to translate the result into the real spaces. Instead of using it as a direct result-making tool, using it as exploring tool to free the consciousness of concept design would be better. Through the massive amount of variations, designers can broaden their design preceptions.

This version is GA (Genetic Algorithm) version, if you wonder Tree Search version, click the link below

Massigner Tree Search Version

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