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Craftmanship on Digital 3D work

"It's surely dangerous that end of the rope seems far away, however, it's also dagerous the end seems close and wide. Whenever you take on a rope, you should forget existence of the rope, and whenver you walk on a rope, you should feel the free world on the rope. The most dangerous thing is your eyes and ears being opened to the world under the rope, ground. On the rope, there is no eyes, there is no ears, and there is no consciousness of the ground."

The old man spoke quietly and calmly. The words, he said and heard like compressive story of his life, had bottomless deep and heavy weight and strength. And the power was also seemed like his effort to pass his whole life to Woon. Woon finally noticed why the old man, his father, had not changed his pose to ride a rope.

Woon said,

"Father, take a rest instead of taking a rope.", but the old man shook his head.

"There is no land to compensate my energy, not enough to take on a rope. Let's take the rope together."

At the night, two men took the road together. Woon went first, and the old man was after him. When Woon arrived the end of the rope, he realized that people had made a commotion. However, he was later and the old man already had been fallen to death.

-From novel of The rope, Cheongjun Lee-